smartphone2Abnic Co. provides Smart water and waste water Treatment with My Smart Box products cooperation to access control capabilities, so at any time and in any place operator be able to control the all of treatment systems factors

Consulting, design and implementation of water and wastewater systems ABNIC Co. with over 33 years experience in design, construction and operation of water and wastewater treatment plants, transmission lines and related facilities and equipment in the country and in addition having representation of the worlds leading companies in the modern equipment of water and wastewater treatment technologies, and as a exclusive agent ECOFLUID creator of USBF system as a most modern water & wastewater treatment system is ready to work with all of demandant

  • Wastewater treatment systems for utility and industrial projects

  • Separation oil from water system

  • Advanced biological wastewater treatment processes

  • Industrial wastewater treatment processes

  • Water filtration